Ode to Callaway

Design size: 9”x 8” “sand” congress cloth Kit
Cost: $52.00

Callaway means lots to us all. The friendships, memories and needlework experiences enrich us from one year to the next. We learn, we laugh and we canʼt wait until the next year to start up where we left off.

This design was created to honor that experience for all levels. New stitchers and those that just want to enjoy their stitching experience with friends or relatives will enjoy instruction about intriguing ways to stitch and change canvas patterns using the newest of silks, overdyes, metallics and beads. It truly is a class for everyone.

Follow the pattern path through motifs of Callaway. Butterflies, the chapel, stitching friends and of course flowers enhance the geometric patterns that remind us of the gardenʼs beauty. Simple stitches that everyone can accomplish with the intrigue of what happens when a basic diamond pattern grows into many other patterns. Warm, vibrant color galore.