Tapestry IV

PRICE OF KIT: $88.00 plus $7.00 domestic postage (international shipping est. $30.00)
GROUND FABRIC: Mellow yellow congress cloth
DESIGN SIZE: 10" x 15"
16 patterns with over 55 different threads



Pattern bonanza -- patterns galore --- pattern mania --- for everyone who loves patterns, their mystery and intrigue, this class if for them!

The challenges that this series of Tapestry contemporary canvas samplers offers is forever popular offering new pattern concepts with each new presentation.

These sixteen new patterns have from three to six steps that create their geometric reward using over 55 threads, colors, beads and found objects. The threads include a variety of silks, overdyes, metallics and beads, accompanied by found objects will keep everyone in this advanced class challenged until the last hour of the four day class.

As we move from pattern to pattern such as the Maltese Cross in two variations to the Beaded Spiders Web Flowers on to The Webs We Weave, from there to stamped pots of flowers, on to Barbed Wire, then Persian Tiles, boredom will not exist.

The sand background allows the rich, warm colors of which there are nearly fifty of --- to radiate.

Come enjoy the intrique and challenge of this delightful canvas class.