Twelve* composite canvas patterns, each with their own unique color combinations placed inside diamond shapes surrounded by beaded borders.

Look carefully at the center patterns and you will see twelve individual patterns done in their own set of colors. Then you will notice that the twelve triangle border patterns are composed of a pattern used in one of the diamond shapes but are stitched using the colors from one of the other diamond patterns.

What an effect! A perfect example of how color and thread changes effect the same pattern dramatically. A true learning experience.

That makes 24 different design concepts that use various silks, overdyes, metallics, special beads, patterns over lace and unique decorative pieces. The rich and opulent colors of burgundy, champagne, burnished golds, ginger, tourmaline, and blue bell are delicious.

Renaissance -- a needleart revival of color and textured glory done as a celebration of our 60 years of education and enjoyment.

Kit includes: marked canvas, instructions/photos and all materials. Student needs: stretcher bars 13"x13". Embroidery or beading needles #8 tapestry needles #20 thru 24.

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*three or more stitching steps for each pattern.


Instructor: Marnie Ritter
Price of Kit: $185.00 plus $7.00 postage
Ground Fabric: #18 gold glitter mono canvas
Size: Design - 10" x 10" | If framed as original - 15" x 15"

tiffany tulip