Purple Passion

PRICE OF KIT: $150.00 plus $7.00 domestic postage (international shipping est. $30.00)
GROUND FABRIC: #18 Lusty Lavender canvas
DESIGN SIZE: 12" x 10"
INCLUDES: Silks, metallics, lace, lavendar art paper, beads and ribbon




Another color, color, color class.  Everyone asks me to do more so here it is.  Look at what varied colors over a hand-dyed purple canvas creates.  When I received this beautiful Lusty Lavender canvas I could hardly wait to begin!  

Purple is regal and mysterious! It was Cleopatra’s favorite color.
And now it has been chosen by the design industry as the color for 2014!  Let’s enjoy it!

Fifteen different patterns with one pattern varied in several places.

Silks, overdyes, varied metallics and specially collected beads in many different colors of blue, lavender and gentle greens.  Lace and lavender art paper embellished with ribbon flowers --- and flower posts that add that additional relaxed touch.

You will also receive the color purples history from the past.