Green with Envy

All those greens over this new overdye green canvas -- what fun! Another creative color class.

Sixteen patterns. Woven, tied down, beaded -- using many silks, metallics, ribbon, and knitting yarn. View the fence with flowers.

There is a pattern with pearl flowers placed over a designer/couture green paper and a gold filigree jewelry embellishment pattern.

Each student will put initials of their choice in two of the areas.

And of course, color, color, color. Blue over green, varied greens from many families, pinks, yellows, blues, on and on.

Many of you know how I am about color! Never bored creating these color designs for everyone’s enjoyment. When they do one such as the Purple Passion or In The Mood Blue they ask me to do another.

Here it is!

NOTE: This is also an online class, each Thursday beginning March 10 through April 14, 2016. Click here for more information and to register for the class.


Price of Kit: $140.00 plus $7.00 postage
Ground Fabric: new VINTAGE SAGE overdye #18 canvas
Size: Design size - 8" x 12" | Stretcher bars - 13" x 16"

tiffany tulip