Butterflies Are Three

INSTRUCTOR: Marnie Ritter
TITLE: In the Mood - Red
LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY: Intermediat/Advanced
PRICE OF KIT: $80.00 plus $7.00 domestic postage (international shipping $40.00)
GROUND FABRIC: #22 Mocha canvas
SIZE: Original design 15" x 4", Finished design: 8" x 18"
Choice: vertical or horizontal



These are three of the most elegant creatures on Earth! What fun they ae to create and let fly!

Intricate patterns in each shape allow the creative artist to enjoy geometric combinations, textured embellishments, embroiderty stitches that become integrated with the open areas that state ART.

Over twenty different stitching techniques (shading-left-open, whipped spider webs, fishbone, satin-to-the-center, outline, florentine, unconventional crosses, etc.) using sharp embroidery needles stitched with silks and metallics, the addition of beads, paillettes and semi-precious stones are used in these three butterfly shapes.

One butterfly of pastels, one of vibrant burgandy, and one of warm golds, create a family of fun.

Please note: You have the option of stitching these butterflies as three separate pieces. Finished size is 10" square.

Included: drawn canvas(es), instructions and kit.

You provide: 1 set of stretcher bars 10" x 18" (3 sets of 10" square), embroidery needles #3 through #9.