Marnie Ritter has been a needle artist for over thirty years, working as a teacher, lecturer, judge, and designer. During her career, she has worked continuously to integrate innovative techniques with a plethora of conventional approaches - silk and metal threads, crewel embroidery, and surface stitch resulting in works with an aesthetic that sets them apart in needle art. Marnie is certified as a teacher by the Council of American Embroiderers (CAE) in Surface Stitchery and is a member of EGA’s Fiber Forum. Her teaching philosophy encourages students to put aside their fears, enabling them to try new concepts. She has taught across the USA for guilds, local seminars, and for National Seminars including those sponsored by ANG, EGA, and CAE. Among her many publications, Marnie counts several books, including “Marnie Ritter’s Canvas Patterns” and “Embroidery My Way”. Her designs have been featured on the front cover of Needlepoint Now Plus and the inaugural issue of needlepoint now.